Integral Practitioner in Praxis - Conference in South Africa [Program added]

Tlholego EcoVillage

Dates: 28 May to 01 June 2012

For many years now we have seen programmes offering theory and theoretical discussions on integral practice.  Most of these have dealt with the internal development of the practitioner and although this is very important it is now time to move on.  It is important for us now to look at the way, in ‘real’ situations of praxis a practitioner would use this theory and possibly years of individual development/practice, to provide further insight and tools for the complex situations found in international development. 

Organised:  Rucore Sustainability Foundation/Tlholego Eco-village, with integralMENTORS, Integral Without Borders [Integral International Development Centre], and Meshfield.

Place: Tlholego Eco-village in the North West Province South Africa. [Located about 2 hours drive north west of Johannesburg] 

For more information see flier attached below.

For registration details please contact Stephne Fain at the Tlholeho EcoVillage on email or tel: +27-72-118 7357