Integral Without Borders to Design A Year-long Certification Program

Integral Development Certification

Integral Without Borders has run gatherings every year, bringing together a community of practitioners to reflect on approaches to international development.

To date in Perpignan, France; Istanbul, Turkey, twice; Vancouver; South Africa; and Peru. These have been extraordinary experiences for all involved.

We now want to structure a longer ‘training’ program that runs annually and will lay emergent ground for transformation and thus more effective integral praxis.

Our initial proposal

  • An in-person retreat followed by four 5-week online modules, finishing in field course.
  • An online only option would be offered for those who cannot travel to make this as accessible as possible.

Our intention is to build this into an academic Continuing Education program as Professional Advancement and / or as a Certificate if possible – and as such we are currently putting together a facilitator team that will include some extraordinary people.


You have a role in this design!

We need your feedback and active involvement!

  • What do you actually want and need?
  • What is actually possible across a year?

So, please comment on any of the following:

The next Conference Call will be devoted to this topic in mid August (date and details to come soon) and we would love to hear your perspectives - please join us on this exciting adventure