Other Up-Coming Integral Events

We want to let you know about three other events happening this spring and summer that are worth checking out. Although none of the events are directly on the topic of international development, all of them provide training on foundational skills that could be applied in the practice of development.

Masterful Facilitation Skills – The Power of the Integral Approach

Salt Lake City, Utah

Led by Diane Musho Hamilton Sensei
March 25 – April 1, 2012, SLC, UT • $995
Early bird discount by 2/15, 2012: $849

Scholarships available.

If you are you a facilitator, coach, mediator, integral practitioner, consultant, educator, HR professional, community organizer, or leader who wants to bring the Integral vision into your work and practice, this training will help you embody your full presence and potential as an Integral
leader and facilitator. This training will give you confi dence and inspiration as well as provide you with concrete tools and actions you can take when involved in collaborative work. In this workshop, you will learn how to:

• Use the Integral Map as a navigational tool in meetings and collaborations.
• Learn what it means to be neutral and unbiased.
• Cultivate a deeper level of awareness of how our Unique Self can contribute to a group process.
• Learn to deal with confl ict, shadow, power politics, and everything that makes being a facilitator so challenging.
• Sharpen your skills and add to your toolbox by putting core integral principles into practice.
• Develop sitting meditation as the basis of wakefulness and responsive presence in a room.

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Integral Coaching Training

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Session 1: April 11 - 15, 2012 (5 days)
Session 2: September 10 - 12, 2012 (3 days)
Instructors: Anne Wright and Kevin Snorf
Tuition: $5,900.00
Information session: to be held in Vancouver (see below).

The Leading Edge in Human Development: An Experiential Information Session

February 20th, 7:00 to 9:00 pm, Canadian Memorial Centre for Peace 1825 W. 16th Ave at Burrard Street, Vancouver

For HR & OD Professionals, Leadership Consultants, & Coaches
Hosted By:  The Integral Coaching® Consortium, Vancouver
Next Integral Coaching® Training in Vancouver:  April 11-15th

Note:  Even if you have no intention of becoming a coach, ICC's entry-level class will provide you with a huge boost in your ability to understand, communicate with and better serve your people: family, clients, co-workers, friends. Come talk to other integral coaches and find out if this training is for you.

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Integral Community Seminar: Evolving the We

August 13-19, 2012, Sunrise Ranch, Loveland, Colorado.

Organized and led by Next Step Integral

This seminar will empower and equip you with the awareness, skills and discernment necessary to wisely and sustainably engage in community building at this next level. You will discover what unique role you have to play and how you can contribute to this emergence.

We will explore questions and learn about topics, such as:

  • What does an integral evolutionary collective look like, and feel like?
  • What are the developmental stages that groups evolve through?
  • What elements need to be in place for stage transition to occur in a collective?
  • How can we be aware and effectively work with collective shadow, as well as individual shadow?
  • What does authentic relationship and intimacy require from each of us?
  • The critical role integral community plays in co-creating the future of our world.
  • The practices I and We need to engage in order to more fully serve the emerging potential of authentic integral community in our midst.

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