Evolving development praxis

The current trend in development praxis is towards greater integration. People and organizations are becoming more and more aware that single-discipline thinking no longer meets the full complexity of global issues today. Already the term 'interdisciplinary' is present throughout the discourse, and there is a recognition of the need for greater system's thinking as well as the inclusion of personal development and consciousness.

However, this can't be a pat cross-talk between disciplines from the safety of one's own discipline. But rather a true integration of these ways of thinking, doing and being. This can't just be about tacking on some personal growth work onto an otherwise unchanged project management style. It must involve a more sophisticated application of human psychology in sustainable development work. To put it frankly, in order to be meaningful, this has to be a full and complete integration; so complete that one's entire approach is actually transformed.

Integral Without Borders exists to ask questions on what that looks like in practice, to experiment with such an approach in the field, and to bring together practitioners in a learning community in which we discuss and hone this integral praxis that is emerging across the planet today.


IWB Introduction - Emine Kiray