Integral Without Borders offers services in three different ways, which you can read below in summary and see in more detail by following the links.


We ignite and sustain a community of practice where lone practitioners can find a community and a discourse that truly ‘meets’ and receives them, and with whom they can be both supported and challenged to develop and hone their praxis. We do this through holding events and telecourses.


We provide resources to support practitioners and organizations working at the innovative edge of international development practice; to provide AQAL training manuals, tools, articles, papers, and videos that can support their further enactment of integral practice. We do this through research, writing and compiling resources.


We consult and mentor practitioners and organizations who are seeking an integrative way forward in their work in global development, or who are keen to evolve their praxis to its next stage. We do this through consulting and mentoring,  and public speaking.