Web-Workshop on Integral Project Design: Finding the Flow (2.0)

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Friday, May 22 4:00 - 5:30 PM Pacific Time (Register below)

We had so much fun with a dynamic group of attendees when we first offered this web-workshop on May 1st, and we learned so much, we are holding space for a new iteration for those who missed the first one and for those who would like to join again. You're invited for an interactive and playful web-workshop, in which we will share principles and practices from an Integral approach to social transformation. Our shared inquiry will focus on 'finding the flow' as a practice for participating in social transformation.

We will explore:

  • How social change (and your role in it) is viewed from the dominant project management perspective, and what an integral perspective on change can offer
  • How the quadrants of Integral Theory can support you in designing a project to be as comprehensive as possible
  • A simple practice you can use to bring attention to where the energy of your project is flowing in this moment, and how you can skillfully intervene.
  • How play can bring us more into the present moment and open our hearts and minds to more readily sense into creative emergence.

If you're interested in how to be an instrument for social transformation, this web-workshop is for you, even if you don't formally lead a "project." Practically any area in our lives where we would like to influence change, can be viewed as a project. This event will be a great opportunity for anyone interested in our 5-week online course, "Integral Project Design for Social Transformation," to get a taste of an integral approach to addressing global issues in practice.








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Fri. May 15, 2020