IWB Virtual Café

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Ongoing: The second and fourth Sunday of the month

As this meta-crisis continues to affect virtually every aspect of our lives, we need to find spaces where we can harness our collective intelligence to discover a coherent narrative AND authentically relate at the level of our immediate embodied experience. Too often we are forced to choose between head, heart or hara. At the IWB Virtual Café, we strive to connect to all three ways of knowing and being as we engage with whatever issues are most alive for us in the moment.  

While nothing can compare to meeting one another in shared physical space, we can still pretend we are getting together with friends at our favorite local café. So brew yourself a cup of that single-origin Guatemalan coffee, or hand-picked Chinese Yunnan tea, and join us as we co-create our community and support one another along this long and meandering path of life.

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Fri. July 17, 2020