Online Course: Integral Project Design for Social Transformation

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October 17 - December 12
Why do so many projects fail, despite rigorous planning? How can we lead social change efforts to address complex and dynamic challenges? How do we understand and work with diverse worldviews? And how do we develop our own consciousness, so that our biases and weaknesses as leaders do not adversely affect the success of our efforts?
Discover a new approach to addressing global issues in our latest online course. Participants will explore their own understanding of how change happens and learn to dance with it, while strengthening their practical abilities as project leaders. They will have the opportunity to learn about the Integral approach and how it can be applied to create holistic and effective interventions to confront complex challenges, and will have the option to be supported and mentored directly by one of the course facilitators in exploring their own personal development and how it relates to social change processes of their project.
The program runs 8 weeks, from October 17th to December 12th. Participants will engage in weekly Zoom calls, rich learning content, and interactive forums with facilitators and co-participants via an online learning platform.
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Thu. August 20, 2020