Taking Everyone with Us

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Wednesday, August 26th from 2PM to 3:30PM Pacific Time
One of the most powerful attributes of the Integral stage of consciousness is its ability to engage with paradox. Rather than get caught in the trap of “either/or” thinking within the zero-sum game, we naturally orient towards discovering the “both/and” that creates enough space for all of the partial truths inherent in any situation. COVID-19 continues to reveal to us how interconnected we all are, and yet dramatic fragmentation seems to be accelerating. 
The social media-emboldened “Cancel Culture,” emerging from the Black Lives Matter and #MeToo movements, is democratizing collective decision making about what is socially acceptable, and transforming social norms. And yet it is making many increasingly afraid to share their opinions publicly for fear of being socially and professionally ruined, thus stifling nuance and freedom of speech. In some ways, much-needed progress has been made towards making long standing social injustices more visible.
At the same time, divisions are deepening in our society. In vicious cycles, rising tension and insecurities are normalizing the delusional and alienating notion that each of us is defined by our partial perspectives and beliefs. So, perhaps now more than ever we need Integral leadership that can both transcend AND include in such a way that takes everyone along with us as we collectively and consciously evolve. 
Join IWB Facilitators Andrew Becker and Danielle Huffaker as they hold space for this conversation as an offering to our community to support one another in our engagement with the paradoxes of life in diverse social holons; leaning into the discomfort and the liberation that comes from grappling with difference.
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Mon. August 10, 2020