IWB Community Call: Follow the Energy with Marilyn Hamilton of Integral City

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9:30am-11:00am PDT Friday June 23, 2017

Follow the Energy, Find the 4 Voices: Discover the Power of Collective Intelligence in Your City

The next Integral Without Borders Community Call will be 9:30am-11:00am PDT Friday June 23, 2017 on the how to follow the energy, and discover the power, of collective intelligence within a city. This is lead by Dr. Marilyn Hamilton, Founder and Director of Integral City and Board Member of IWB.

Our intention with these IWB community calls is to co-create the kind of 'integral community' we want, one that is edgy and wise in its content, supportive in its interpersonal connections, and kosmos-centric in it's moral embrace. Each call will focus on an aspect of integral practice in development with certain practitioners leading on these topics and with participants contributing examples from their integral projects.

9:30am-11:00am PDT Friday June 23, 2017 (Find your time zone here).

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Price: $20 USD Suggested Donation. We appreciate that you value this community service.


TitleFollow the Energy, Find the 4 Voices: Discover the Power of Collective Intelligence in Your City

This webinar-style community call explores how the Integral City approach, pioneered by Dr. Marilyn Hamilton, is energized by engaging the 4 voices of the city and finding the energy in the Master Code. It asks four key questions and shows how the answers allow you to start using Integral City processes and strategies with any city. The core questions are:
  • What is an Integral City?
  • Why follow the energy to a Vision for your City?
  • How do 4 Voices create Resilience for the Human Hive?
  • What is the Secret of the Master Code?

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Sat. September 23, 2017