Volunteer Opportunity: Media Coordinator

Volunteer Opportunity: Media Coordinator

LOCATION: Ideally, Vancouver, but location could be negotiated.


Integral Without Borders (IWB) is a global network of practitioners dedicated to integrating perspectives and manifesting greater depth in the praxis of international development. We hold events and telecourses, offer mentoring and consulting, and provide resources.

Over the years, we have recorded media from presentations, events, conference calls with luminaries like Ken Wilber as well as with other wise experts on subject matters of importance today. Yet, much of this remains unarchived, or produced in user-unfriendly ways (such as, one-hour talks versus short, crisp, engaging 10min snippets). We are looking to produce this material such that it can be shared and used, wide and far.

IWB is looking for someone who is passionate about audio/video editing for podcasts and youtube channel, and is interested to work with the material we have recorded to make it more widely available.

IWB is not your usual organization. Our directors are based all over the world, and only recently have four of them become based in Vancouver, BC. We have diverse backgrounds from community development, sustainability, gender equity, business management, psychotherapy, architecture, and more. The “thread that connects” is our dedication to alleviating suffering through global social change. We do that by engaging global issues with an approach that is commensurate with the complexity of the world today. We are people who have asked the deep questions into the nature of reality, along with the moral questions as to how we should spend this precious life. As such, we are not just change agents but also meditators; not just activists but yogis.

So, if a/v production is your thing and this community intrigues you, come on board and give your gifts to help us produce this media in formats that can be best disseminated to and used by others.

Position includes:

  • 1-2 days a week of a/v production over 2 months. We are open to arrange this via “deliverables” and can discuss that with applicants if they are interested in that format (rather than via days).

  • Connect with our IWB team and extended network in-person in Vancouver or via skype if you are based elsewhere--in our experience, this learning community operates like a crucible of the right mix of challenge and support to move our own development forward, and so it has the potential to offer you the same.

  • Possibility to create a fee-based media platform that would in turn pay you for this work

  • Possibility to join in trips to Africa, Asia or Latin America as our media person (no funding specifically for that at this point, but if we were to take anyone along, it’d be the person in this position!)

Responsibilities include:

  • Edit audio files with intro and outro music

  • Upload edited files

  • Edit raw videos with IWB logo and intro

  • Upload edited videos to youtube channel

  • Ideally, candidate is based in Vancouver, but location can be virtual.

Required skills:

  • Strong knowledge of audio/video editing softwares.

  • Strong organizational skills.

  • Ability to multi-task.

  • Evidenced time-management skills.

  • Demonstrated ability to work cooperatively as a team and to receive influence or feedback from others.

Recommended skills:

  • Interest in global issues and morally aligned to alleviate suffering; that is, you are aware and you care about stuff!

  • Interest in integral theory or other holistic, transdisciplinary approaches to social change globally.

  • International work experience in varying cultural contexts an asset.

  • Cross-cultural sensitivity and awareness.

  • Demonstrate astute, genuine analysis and self-inquiry of power and privilege.

Please apply with your CV and links to your previous work samples to admin@integralwithoutborders.org