COVID Meets Climate: Salience and Luminosity

"COVID meets Climate: Salience and Luminosity," is an inspiring and illuminating conversation between IWB co-founder Gail Hochachka and integral philosopher and teacher Terry Patten on Terry's podcast "State of Emergence." Gail and Terry compare and contrast social meaning-making of the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change, and consider the following questions:
  • In what ways might the current pandemic teach leaders, scientists, citizens and institutions how to more effectively respond to the climate crisis?
  • Why is the pandemic able to mobilize a global response more quickly and effectively than climate change? How might that inform skillful framing of the climate crisis?
  • How can each crisis catalyze shared understanding across different cultures and developmental stages?
  • How can we enact luminosity in these times? What about when we are scared for our health and safety, or for our family? Can choosing care and generosity reveal strength we didn’t know we had?
Click here to listen online, or search for "State of Emergence" anywhere you listen to your podcasts.
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