Crucial Components


"Crucial things to include in any approach to integral development" and "Top ten (plus or minus 2) things to do for integral development" 

 “The map itself is just a positivistic third-person abstraction—which is exactly what it is supposed to be, no more, no less: except this map DEMANDS that all the other methodologies represented or listed on the map—phenomenology, hermeneutics, etc.—actually be used when approaching the real territory

AQAL is a framework for action and thinking, not a model to implement. Eight native perspectives in which to view the world.

Use the AQAL framework to ensure that as many perspectives as seems appropriate are covered – remembering to include all quadrants and sufficient depth/levels.

Map understanding in order to broaden and to deepen. Use different maps for different levels of detail and or lines.

Understand the level of complexity of all other stakeholders (clients, donors, governments, communities etc.). Work with the appropriate complexity or level/wave for each. Be aware of the limitations of one’s own level of consciousness complexity and understanding. (one’s own kosmic address) ................

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