Depth and Dynamism of Integral Applications in International Development

This article explores how elements of an integral approach are being applied in Asia, Africa, and Latin America to address complex issues in international development. These issues include psycho-emotional development in Peruvian communities, individual and community healing in post-war El Salvador, HIV/AIDS work in Ethiopia, educating girls in India, and “transformative” leadership development carried out in 40 countries by the United Nations Development Programme. This article uses case studies to explore how one’s capacity to apply the integral model co-arises with one’s own unique AQAL matrix, suggesting a spectrum of increasing integration of interior and exterior dimensions. Previously published work explained what is occurring in the field of international development, looking at how organizations use integral theory and exhibit emerging integral consciousness in their applications, and this article attempts to inquire into why that might be so.

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Hochachka, Gail
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