Integral Theory 101+ [3 files]

This series of briefs is for those who are fairly new to Integral Theory. All pieces are important but take particulary note of Theory 3 - Kosmic Address and Myth of the Given.

Quotes are from Ken Wilber's draft for Volume 2 of the Kosmic Trilogly and other earlier works - see collected Volumes 1-8. 

Theory 1:  What does it mean to operate in an AQAL framework

Theory 2:  Wilber 5

Theory 3:  Kosmic Address and Myth of the given

Theory 4:  Useful terms in understanding AQAL

Theory 5:  The shadow in development

Annex 1:  Integral Methodological Pluralism (IMP)

Annex 2:  AQAL Key terms

Annex 3:  A More Integral Map  

Separate files

Attachment I:  What is The Address of an Object in the Kosmos?

Attachment II:  The Myth of the Given Lives On….

After studying these go to the source and read more.


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