Integral Transformation of Value Chains

Integral Transformation of Value Chains: One Sky’s Integral Leadership Program in the Brazil Nut Value Chain in Peru and Bolivia

January-February 2015 / Leading World / Integral Leadership Review

Gail Hochachka

Abstract: One Sky carried out an Integral Leadership Program with the Brazil nut value chain in Bolivia and Peru, in partnership with Costco the fourth largest retailer in the US, as well as Candor, one of his main buyers, along with the Canadian nonprofit organization Integral Without Borders Institute. As an overall goal, the program sought to foster a personal, collective and systemic transformation of the Brazil nut value chain through an emergent design, based on integral principles. It included five retreats over 18 months, in-depth self-development as a leader, extensive learning about the social and environmental dimensions of the value chain, the importance of quality of the product, and effectiveness of the value chain itself. The program intended to generate the depth of relationships and trust to create a more unified vision amongst all actors and a more resilient value chain, able to exist fluidly amongst the on-going threats that global issues pose for sustainable supply. This article discusses the design and the methodology, and then reports on the success towards this end, considering the indicators for change in all of these dimensions of transformation.

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