Inter-American Development Bank Seminar Presentations

An Introduction to Integral Theory and Praxis:

“A broader framework to cope with the changing reality of development projects”

 [Obtaining Results through an Integrally Informed Approach to Development]

 Paul van Schaik and Gail Hochachka [Seminar 28 February 2013]

Introduction and Theory

Case Studies

1.  Engaging Vulnerable Communities in Climate Change Adaptation in El Salvador

2.  Enhancing Capacity for More Effective Convertion in Peru

3.  The Effective Schools Project - An Integral Approach to School Improvement in Egypt

4.   An Integral Approach to the Problems of School Maintenance in Zanzibar


1.   Four Quadrant Map Handout 

2.   Integral Communications

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Gail Hochachka & Paul van Schaik
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