Towards an Integral Monitoring and Evaluation

A research project funded by Canada's International Development Research Centre and carried out in partnership with the Peruvian NGO Asociacion para la Conservacion de la Cuenca Amazonica.

This is uploaded in three sections: Part One Towards an Integral Monitoring and Evaluation contextualizes the issue, Part Two Integral Action Research in Peru describes our research methodologies, and Part Three Integral M&E Framework synthesizes results into a replicable framework. Watch here for a shorter, more succinct piece on Integral Monitoring and Evaluation coming soon!

Please use the following citation when referencing this work: Hochachka, G. and S. Thomson. 2009. Towards an Integral Monitoring and Evaluation. A publication of Drishti-Centre for Integral Action with funding from IDRC. Retrieved from

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Gail Hochachka and Sandra Thomson
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