What Do You Think? - integralMENTORS Series (updated)

'What Do YouThink?' - is a series of brief papers presenting a number of ideas on Integral/AQAL theoria/praxis and asks you as a development practitioner your option!  To follow at a later stage - 'Worlds of Action'  - in collaboration with R2.

Ideas and information in these papers are kept to one page inclusive of diagrams - presenting views for practitioners in a simple format following Albert Einstein “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”

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[The last file in the download list is a pdf containing all the papers listed below]

'What Do You Think!'

1.  Lines of Development - Lines of Being and Lines of Doing. [Paper 031]

2.  We Space - or the Power of We :: issues and choices. [Paper 032]

3.  Embedding and Tetra-Meshing Activities in Context.  [Paper 033]

4.  Age and Development - How do age and development interact.  [Paper 034]

5.  Zones# and Development - What we Think.  [Paper 035]

6.  U Process and Development -  Anne Caspari [Paper 036]

7.  Connecting the Dots - [Paper 037]

8.  Dot-Mapping - 'True' but Partial :Mapping Your Current Breath & Depth - [Paper 038]

9.   Transformation Shifts - Anne Caspari  [Paper 039]

10.  ThriveAbility - A Dynamic, Integral Way to Create a Thriving World in the 21st Century  -Robin Wood [Paper 040]

11.  When Reality hits, use its Force - Anne Caspari [Paper 041]

12.  Social Holons : Notes from the field - Emine Kiray [Paper 042]

13.  Working with Shadow in International Development - Anna Cowen – [Paper 043]

14.  The Basic Moral Intuition in the Context of Social Change. Michael Simpson -[Paper 044]

15. Working with Physical Spaces and Places in Transformation – Anna Cowen - [Paper 045]

Coming soon.

15. Transformation  Case Studies [part 4] -  Anne Caspari  [Paper 04x]

16.  3:2:1 process in ID - Anna Cowen & John Ziniades [Paper 04x]


'Worlds of Praxis' -  is a series of brief papers on using integral theory in practice. All these papers are only one page long.

1. Quadrants and Stages in Use in Praxis - Jock Noble [Paper 010]  

2. Spiral of Emergence - Local Economic Development - Jock Noble [Paper 011]

3. Spiral of Emergence - Local Economic Development - Jock Noble [Paper 012]  Full paper [not included here]


The 'World of Inclusion' papers are based on work in the field over the last two decades - and complements the 'Worlds of Praxis' series above, which are based on current praxis by augMentors and others in the field. 

'Worlds of Inclusion' - Series of papers from international development over the last decade.

See in the 'Worlds of Inclusion' file in the IWB Recourses section.

1. Participation, Ownership and Development [Paper 019]

2. Snippable Sequences [Paper 020]

3. Morpho-Generative Processes in Development [Paper 021]

4. Integral Coordination-Walking in the World NOT Talking of the World [Paper 022]

5. Social Holons-Some Notes from Praxis [Paper 023]

6. The Power of 3+ [Paper 024]

7.  Integral Practioners-The Issues [Paper 025]

8.  Integral Practioners-Praxiss [Paper 026]

9.  Integral Practioners-Next [Paper 027]

10. Doughtnut Economics-An Integral View [Paper 028]  

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1.  'Worlds of Inclusion' Presentation - Paul J van Schaik, 


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1.  iMentors08-09/2012 - for August and September 2012

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