'Worlds of Inclusion' & 'Worlds of Action' - integralMENTORS Papers

'Worlds of Inclusion' Papers - One of the integralMENTORS Series [Others 'What Do You Think! and 'World of Praxis].

Ideas and information in these papers are kept to one page (or so) inclusive of diagrams - presenting views for practitiones in a simple format following Albert Einstein “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” - though they are intended for experienced integral practitioners.

The papers are based on work in the field over the last decade - and complements the 'Worlds of Praxis' series which are based on current praxis by augMentors and others in the field.

 'Worlds of Action'  Papers - integralMENTORS in collaboration with the ThriveAbility Foundation

Worlds of Inclusion

Paper 025 - Integral Practitioner - Part 1: The Issue  : iMentors

Paper 024 - The Power of 3 (+1) - Notes on Walking in the world : iMentors

Paper 023 -  Sociocultural Holons - some notes from praxis : iMentors

Paper 022 - IntegralCo-ordination in IID - 'Walking in the world not Talking of the world' : iMentors

Paper 021 - Morpho-Generative Processes : iMentors

Paper 020 -Snippable Sequences in a Morpho-Generative Process : iMentors

Paper 019 - Participation, Ownership and Development : iMentors

Paper 026 - Integral Practioners-Praxiss [ [not included here]

Paper 027 - Integral Practioners-Next  [not included here]

Paper 028Doughtnut Economics-An Integral View  [not included here]

Archive:   Worlds of Inclusion Presentation - Paper 010 - Paul J van Schaik

Worlds of Action  for papers 1 to 4 Author Robin Wood – integralMENTORS Fellow and Founder, ThriveAbility Foundation

Paper 01:  ThriveAbility- A Dynamic, Integral Way to Create a Thriving World in the 21st Century:  

Paper 02:  ThriveAbility – A short overview 

Paper 03:  The ThriveAbility Index and Dashboard - A short overview 

Paper 04:  ThriveAbility–An Overview from an Integral Perspective A short overview 

Worlds of Theoria:

Paper 01: HBA Complexity Ontology to frame processes for addressing Wicked Problems and Social Messes.  - Mike McDermott


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